Data management on water abstraction and effluent release

Through the use of software, Votorantim Cimentos manages data on the collection and consumption of water and the release of effluents from the cement units. The company developed the system with the expectation of improving the evaluation of these indicators by comparing similar units.

In Votorantim cimentos PORTAL SIM's indicator management software, monitoring of data on collection, release and consumption of Cement units (mines and factories) was parameterized. Attached is evidence of the system being consulted. With this, it is possible to improve the evaluation of these indicators and compare similar units, identifying opportunities for reduction, improvement of efficiency and good practices to be shared. As well as obtaining and showing the data for feeding the GRI. it is about own and individual action, in progress.

Review the company's operating procedures in order to standardize data collection and ensure monthly monitoring of measured values.

The evaluation will be based on the definition of local/regional targets to increase efficiency in the consumption of water resources in relation to production. Benchmarks will be established for comparison based on the best values for the cement sector.

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