Management of Water Flow and Specific Consumption in Operations

In Votorantim Cimentos' indicator management software, the SIM Portal, the monitoring of collection, release and specific consumption data at the Cement and Aggregates units (mines and factories) will be improved. This software has a control panel of the Water Flowcharts of these units, where the collection and discharge points that can be granted are represented. In parallel, the data entered in the portal is checked against what is contained in the conditions of the grants. In this way, Environmental Compliance can be obtained. This management seeks to improve the evaluation of indicators, analyzing opportunities for reduction, improvement of efficiency and good practices to be shared. As well as obtaining and showing the data for feeding the GRI.

In 2021, the Water Resources tab of the SIM Portal added graphics for the Management of Capture and Release of effluents, taking into account the differences in the grinding processes and complete factories. This allows obtaining a panoramic view of the Water Consumption of the operations in Brazil. All the water flowcharts of the Cement and Aggregates units were also updated, added in a new control panel. The control of compliance with the conditions of our grants was also improved. The units had to show their capture and release indicators in the CAL System, another VC environmental management tool.

Periodically, those responsible for the Environment at the units must report their capture and release controls to demonstrate compliance with the conditions. The Corporate Environment team will monitor this report and review the company's operating procedures in order to standardize data collection and ensure monthly monitoring of measured values. By the year 2025, the company plans to add, in addition to the GRI, the CDP Water Form.

The evaluation will be based on the definition of local/regional targets to increase efficiency in the consumption of water resources in relation to production. The Corporate Environment team will control the deadlines for reporting the indicators and comply with the conditions for the grants, through the CAL System. Annually, the performance of operations will be evaluated, and if necessary, the procedure will be revised for the following year. Votorantim Cimentos is one of the first companies to publish its financial, environmental, social and governance information in the form of an integrated report, in accordance with the structure of the International Council for Integrated Reporting (IIRC), a procedure that is carried out annually.

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