Neutralizing the water footprint

Neutralizing the water footprint is a commitment made by Natura in its Sustainability Vision. The company also discloses progress on the topic and indicators every year in the Annual Report and at events related to the topic.

Natura has publicly established a commitment to a strategy to reduce and neutralize the water footprint in its 2050 Sustainability Vision. In addition, every year, Natura publishes progress on the subject and indicators in the Annual Report and in events related to the subject. In the 2018 Annual Report, specific information on Water can be found on page 44, section Water Footprint, but there is also information on the EP&L study on page 34. the reduction and efficiency of water consumption.

In addition to the information disclosed in the Annual Report, we will also study how to disclose in more detail the results of the study carried out through the EP&L on Water consumption and pollution, especially focused on the impact of plastic packaging on water resources.

The assessment of compliance with the target will be carried out using the EP&L tool with a frequency to be defined. Currently annual.

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