Anti-racism, a fight for all and all

Black Lives Matter, a movement that originated in 2013 and gained full force in 2020 with the asphyxiation of George Floyd, 46, father of a 6-year-old girl, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), showed the world that the fight against structural racism belongs to everyone, it is a Brazilian, global issue. What concrete actions can we use to tackle racism and give people of all skin tones a greater voice? 

In Folha de S. Paulo report, published today, according to a first survey by the Corporate Racial Inclusion Index (IIRE), created to measure racial diversity in the business environment, black people have space as apprentices, but are a minority in leadership. Of the 76 signatory companies of the Business Initiative for Racial Equality, only 23 participated in the survey and deal with topics such as employee census, racial awareness, engagement in affirmative action, recruitment and ascension policy for black professionals.

Combating racism within companies and creating inclusive initiatives are key measures for economic growth and sustainability. OS, from social, from the ESG criteria, is increasingly present in the companies' booklet. How, then, can they do their part to give black people a vision of the future?

On Black Consciousness Day, November 20, it is worth following all the movements that value the cause and fight prejudice on the networks. And always remember that we need to face and overcome racism so that society is more sustainable and inclusive.


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