Brasil 2050 premieres on the Curta channel!

The first season of the TV show Brasil 2050 premieres on March 5th on Canal Curta!, at 6:40 pm. Conceived by CEBDS, produced by Miração Filmes and sponsored by Shell, the series has the document Vision Brazil 2050 and will present 13 episodes – of 26 minutes each, which travels throughout the Brazilian territory presenting successful sustainability projects, actions and initiatives in companies, governments and civil society, which serve as inspiration for building a more sustainable country. The program will give national visibility to sustainable actions recognized by society, showing that they can be taken as models to be replicated.

the premiere program – focusing on the pillars of People's Values and Human Development, from the document Visão Brasil 2050 – highlights two projects developed in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The Rio Cidade Sustentável project was carried out by CEBDS in the Chapéu Mangueira and Babilônia communities, and the Veredas project, by Artesanato Solidário (ArteSol) in Grande Serão das Gerais, immortalized in the work of Guimarães Rosa.

With a non-traditional format, each case is presented by local characters, participants in the highlighted project. The camera observes the action and guides the narrative. The common thread is the impact of the project on the daily lives of the citizens directly or indirectly involved. The program is directed by filmmaker and documentarian Sérgio Roizenblit, who directed the award-winning feature film O Milagre de Santa Luzia, a documentary about accordion players in Brazil.

In Brasil 2050, each story is a short documentary. Experts give testimonials on technical aspects of the topics discussed in each episode: Local Development, Shared Value, Biodiversity and Forests, Energy, Water, Agriculture, Construction, Waste and Economy. The testimonies are interspersed with articles that address success stories that fit the topic addressed.

Short channel!: Net (56), ClaroTV (69), OiTV (76), GVT (83), Telefônica DTH (654), TVA SP and Curitiba (91), TVA Foz Iguaçu (12) and TVA Florianópolis (12)


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