CEBDS opens series of workshops with debate on carbon markets

“We need to be aware of the urgency”, highlighted lawyer Vladimir Abreu in the 1st Workshop on Carbon Markets CEBDS 2022. Held by the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), the event addressed the theme Carbon Credits and the Financial Market.

"Unfortunately in Brazil we have dissonant political forces, but we need to try to do the right thing, which is to protect the Brazilian economy by adopting measures with the necessary urgency", reinforced the lawyer.

The theme that has been debated since the Kyoto Protocol and has gained new approaches. “The format of diplomatic discussions has changed and commitments have changed. In the past, you had countries that needed to reduce emissions and others that didn't, which was very comfortable. Now, if everyone needs to reduce their emissions and has ancillary obligations, we need to understand how they happen”, highlighted Marco Antonio Fujihara, executive coordinator of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change and founding partner of EcoFix Securities.

During the event, topics such as the legal nature of the carbon credit, what possible ways to make it a tradable asset in the financial market, growth trends and the relationship with CBio, the decarbonization credit, were also discussed.

Cbio is a subject that still raises a lot of discussion and who clarified the subject best was Ana Luci Grizzi, director of the ESG program at Saint Paul Escola de Negócios: “It is part of a public policy that recognizes this strategic role of biofuels in the energy matrix. Brazilian. It is a system that applies to a specific sector and has a definite obligation. In it, it is not necessary to make any changes in the production process of the biofuel to obtain the certification of efficient production”, he defined.

Renowned professionals in the ESG area and in the financial market participated in the panel: Vladimir Abreu, Marco Antonio Fujihara, Ludovino Lopes, Daniela Bacas It is Ana Luci Grizzi. The debate was conducted by the CEBDS Climate manager, Natalia Renteria.

In 2021, CEBDS debated the Regulatory Framework at various events, and in 2022 it continues the discussion spaces with a series of workshops on the topics that generate the most doubts.

The next panels will deal with border and trade adjustments; socio-environmental safeguards and international multisectoral agreements; and the latter will provide an update on the Article 6 negotiations.

watch the full panel on the CEBDS YouTube channel.


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