CEBDS contributes to the advancement of the Carbon Market PL in a meeting with Senator Leila Barros and Minister of Institutional Relations

On August 29th, CEBDS participated in a meeting with Senator Leila Barros and the Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha. The meeting was attended by the group responsible for reporting the draft carbon market, composed of members of the Council for Sustainable Social Economic Development (CDESS), also known as “Conselhão”, with the purpose of providing contributions to improve the draft. basis of the PL 412 Substitute.

The director of Climate, Energy and Sustainable Finance, Viviane Romeiro, was present representing the president of CEBDS, Marina Grossi, advisor and member of the reporting group in question. At the meeting, Senator Leila Barros reaffirmed the importance and strategy of this agenda, and highlighted that today she will read the opinion to the Carbon Market PL at the Environment Commission (CMA) meeting, following up with the request and grant of approval.

According to the senator, the vote is expected to take place in two to three weeks. The expectation is that the PL will be approved by the Senate by the end of September, moving towards approval before COP-28, which will be held in Dubai.

Participating in the meeting were: the executive secretary of the MMA, João Paulo Capobianco, the advisor to the Minister of Finance, Rafael Dubeux, the secretary of the Green Economy of the MDIC, Rodrigo Rollemberg, and the reporting group for the Conselhão's carbon market draft, composed of by Marcelo Moraes and Marcel Fukayama.


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