CEBDS at the Launch of the National Pact Against Inequalities, in Brasília

CEBDS, represented by the executive director, Ricardo Mastroti, participated in the launch of the National Pact to Combat Inequalities, in Brasília, on August 30th. The initiative is the result of a partnership between hundreds of civil society organizations and has the support of the Government and the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development, the “Conselhão”, of which the president of CEBDS, Marina Grossi, is a member.

On the occasion, the Parliamentary Front to Combat Inequalities was also launched, with deputies and senators from different parties and regions of Brazil.

Both launches were attended by the person responsible for the CEBDS Social Impact Thematic Chamber, Silvia Gonçalves, and together throughout the day they brought together members of the Legislative and Executive branches, as well as representatives from the business sector and civil society.

Five ministers were present at the launch of the National Pact to Combat Inequalities, reinforcing the importance of the topic and showing that it should be a priority in the coming years: Alexandre Padilha (Institutional Relations), Anielle Franco (Racial Equality), Luciana Santos (Science, Technology and Innovation), Marina Silva (Environment and Climate Change) and Waldez Góes (Regional Integration and Development).


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