CEBDS conducts training on Natural Climate Solutions

On June 15, CEBDS held a training course on Natural Climate Solutions (SCN) in the Amazon, conducted by the Director of Nature and Society, Juliana Lopes.

The training addressed the main points of the Buyer's Guide, a guide developed by the NCS Alliance and BCG to help companies that decided to include voluntary SCN carbon credits in their strategies.

The training addressed key topics about the potential for decarbonization through investments in SCN, which take into account quality and integrity in the Amazon.

Márcia Soares, Partnership and Network Leader at Fundo Vale, commented on participating in the training. “Companies that plan to be successful in the long term need to understand that we are living in a critical moment in terms of global warming. That's why training like this one is so important to broaden the private sector's view of its role and the commitments it needs to assume in order to guarantee the planet's sustainability,” he said.

The action was promoted by GT Amazônia as part of the training and articulation journey on the SCN and Voluntary Market of Carbon Credits, together with the companies participating in the GT.


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