Technical Note – Workshop 3: Use of Offsets

CEBDS, after numerous events and consultations with its members and in alignment with the propositions of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Brazil Project, understands that a carbon market for national industry is strategic for accelerating the transition towards a carbon economy. low carbon and to promote competitiveness in the sector.

To this end, CEBDS has been organizing a series of webinars aimed at supporting the design of the Brazilian Emissions Trading System (SBCE) for the Brazilian industrial sector from which this and other technical notes are developed. Previous notes recommended a gradual implementation, starting with the main carbon-intensive sectors and regulating only CO2 emissions, and suggested thresholds for participation obligations and free allocation of emission rights for sectors exposed to the risk of emissions leakage, either by increasing of imports and losses of exports. This technical note will cover the use of offsets.

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