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Biodiversity sustains the operation of the ecosystems for which we depend on for food, drinking water, health and leisure, climate regulation and protection against natural disasters. Its loss impacts the capacity of the ecosystems to provide essential contributions for human wellbeing and businesses. Companies that are aware in advance of the need for measuring their impact and their dependence on environmental contributions and that have clear strategies for using them in optimum manner have a competitive advantage over the others. With that considered working group of Biodiversity and Biotechnology proposes to deal with the themes related to biodiversity and biotechnology and assist the companies in benefiting from new market opportunities and in minimizing their risks resulting from the use of biodiversity and access to genetic heritage. CTBio also monitors and participates in the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CDB) and Federal Government and civil society forums, as well as the Genetic Heritage Management Council (CGEN).





  • Provide information, guidance, products and tools that assist companies to identify opportunities and to minimize risks in the biodiversity and biotechnology area.
  • Portray in a proactive and qualified manner the vision of the companies regarding matter pertaining to biodiversity and biotechnology in debates and formulation of public policies with governments and other involved forums.
  • Disseminate better practices, showing society in general in simple and understandable manner the contribution of companies in sustaining and preserving biodiversity as well as the ethical and responsible use of biotechnology.
  • Stimulate sustainability in associated companies through projects and partnerships in the biodiversity and biotechnology areas that generate tangible results.

Representatives (06/2017 – 06/2019)

Co-chairs: João Augustti (Fibria) e Andre Ferretti (Fundação Grupo Boticário)

Henrique Luz (CEBDS)


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The Natural Capital Protocol

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