Adoption of goals and engagement campaigns

Adoption of sectoral targets to reduce water consumption in factories and in several areas. Measures include increasing the use of reused/rainwater and building techniques at the factories.

There are sectoral targets to reduce water consumption in factories and in several areas, in addition to increasing the use of reused/rainwater. Our factory and our Distribution Center in Bahia are LEED certified, which attests that the building follows sustainability premises, including reducing water consumption and using reuse/rainwater. There is a goal that, for 100% works, renovations and new constructions, sustainable construction premises are used, which includes the water consumption system.

Boticário also carries out a campaign to engage employees on the topic, with challenges to reduce water consumption and space to share projects and tips, with awards and rankings. Another issue addressed is that of eco-efficiency in partnership with suppliers, in which the theme is worked on in order to engage the supply chain in the quest to reduce water consumption and the use of reuse/rainwater in its operations.

  • Installation of equipment that allows 100% to use reused water in the cooling towers;
  • Use of reused/rainwater for irrigation;
  • Optimized projects for cleaning utensils in a master plan;
  • And we have daily monitoring of all indicators with a monthly report to senior management.

The goals are in professional agreement of the collaborators. In addition, the tasks and projects are in the action plan which is controlled by the system, pointing out all deviations from the goals.

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