Use of reused water

Large-scale reuse water at the facilities at the Cajamar (SP) unit. At the Ecoparque industrial complex, in Benevides (PA), a system of filtering gardens for the treatment of water in the installations.

Use of reused water with a large-scale system involving toilets, building cleaning and utilities (cold water and steam) at the Cajamar (SP) site. On the site of the Ecoparque industrial complex, in Benevides (PA), it uses a filtering garden system to treat the water in the facilities. There is a project under study for the use of reused water in a CIP (clean in place) system in the production area. It has a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation and use in toilets at the Natura São Paulo site (NASP), scheduled to start in 2019 at the Ecoparque.

It carries out a study of the Water Footprint of its value chain, incorporating ecotoxicity and local water stress as metric parameters. The objective of its Sustainability Vision 2050 is that, by 2020, it has a strategy to reduce and neutralize impacts.

Monthly and annual targets are defined for the indicator of absolute and relative water consumption at Natura sites. It also evaluates and monitors the most representative third-party sites that produce for Natura.

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