collaborative meetings

Norflor engages neighboring companies with the socio-environmental projects developed (eg PEA; Fire Prevention). Also noteworthy is participation in relevant committees for the region, which is one of the ways Norflor uses to acquire and contribute with knowledge and ideas, such as the Jequitinhonha 1 Watershed Committee (JQ1).

Conducting workshops and publishing on water savings

As part of the actions developed, Ecolab carried out Workshops on the Water Risk Monetizer, aimed at calculating the valuation of water resources in the operations of companies. The company also produced a publication with case studies on water savings among customers.

Workshop on water risk using a tool

Through the Water Risk Monetizer tool, Ecolab provides actionable information for understanding water-related risks, as well as quantifying these risks in financial terms, supporting responsible decisions that promote business growth. In order to train different sectors in the use of the tool and promote the exchange of technologies between […]

Use of technology to reduce losses in Limeira (SP)

According to the 2018 Sanitation Ranking by the Trata Brasil Institute, which analyzes indicators related to the level of coverage, improvement of coverage and level of efficiency, in the provision of water and sewage services, Limeira ranked 6th, confirming its condition of reference of the latest rankings published by the Trata Brasil Institute.