collaborative meetings

Norflor engages neighboring companies with the socio-environmental projects developed (eg PEA; Fire Prevention). Also noteworthy is participation in relevant committees for the region, which is one of the ways Norflor uses to acquire and contribute with knowledge and ideas, such as the Jequitinhonha 1 Watershed Committee (JQ1).

'- Participation of a company from the forestry sector in the PEA developed by Norflor, with actions aimed at good practices in the conservation of springs and springs.
– Participation of two members in JQ1, where issues related to the preservation and recovery of springs and springs in the regions that are part of the Jequitinhonha River Basin, specifically in its upper part, are discussed.

Increase the number of volunteers in preventing and fighting fires, with the participation of companies in the forest sector neighboring Norflor.

'- Reports;
– Diagnostics;
– Monitoring.

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