Environmental Education Program and Community Brigade

The theme of water and fire prevention (which has a direct impact on the protection of water sources) is included in all social and environmental actions developed by Norflor. In these projects, topics related to good management and preservation of watercourses are presented and discussed, in addition to practical actions.

The PEA is developed every two months, serving internal employees and neighboring communities. There are workshops on conservation and recovery of springs, dialogue circles and presentation of monitoring data. The Brigade, on the other hand, is carried out from May to November, the critical period of fires, with actions to raise awareness in communities regarding safer and more productive soil preparation practices for planting, avoiding the use of fire, and efficient ways of fighting fires. forestry. In the same way as the PEA, workshops are held for the conservation/recovery of springs and conversation circles focusing on fire prevention.

The PEA and Brigada are continuous projects that relate the actions of the Vivo Corrego Project.

Are evaluated:
Number of participants in the project engagement process;
Number of spring recovery workshops carried out;
Number of fire outbreaks;
Amount of burned area.





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