Project Drop of Water! Don't let it get to the last

The main objective of the project is to promote/enhance the conscious use of water for the entire company. We will send you good practice pills, knowledge quiz and forms/alternatives of rainwater storage and reuse. The main objective is to reinforce/encourage ways to optimize/reuse the use of water in the most diverse areas of the company, such as […]

Inclusion of suppliers to CDP Water Supply

After identifying the hydrographic basins with a high water risk for its operations, the company defined which suppliers operating in these same basins would be voluntarily invited to respond to the CDP Water Supply. With the aim of encouraging suppliers to respond, the company finances training and monitoring of responses with official support from CDP […]

Environmental Due Diligence

Within the scope of the Sustainability 4.0 Program, Eletrobras developed the “Sustainable Management of the Value Chain” Project, which has as one of its objectives to establish the structured Due Diligence process of suppliers in environmental, human rights and integrity aspects standardized for Eletrobras companies . As a result of this project, Eletrobras started to adopt, […]

Environmental Education Program and Community Brigade

The theme of water and fire prevention (which has a direct impact on the protection of water sources) is included in all social and environmental actions developed by Norflor. In these projects, topics related to good management and preservation of watercourses are presented and discussed, in addition to practical actions.

Spring recovery and protection program

The recovery and protection of Arrio Andréas springs is the main aspect of Philip Morris's actions in the engagement of its value chain with the theme of Water Security. The initiative is carried out within the scope of the Management Committee of the Rio Pardo Watershed, in partnership with the City Hall of Vera Cruz (RS) and […]

Workshops and seminar on water use

Ecolab promoted chain engagement by holding a workshop on the Water Risk Monetizer platform, in partnership with Braskem, a customer seminar on awareness about water use and a workshop on reuse in partnership with CEBDS.

Restoration of riparian forest around Lake Furnas

Eletrobras Furnas maintains a partnership with the municipalities surrounding the Usina de Furnas dam (MG). The objective is to develop a riparian forest recovery program for greater water security. There are around 400 springs in the Lake's Area of Direct Influence.

Inclusion of suppliers in the water risk mapping

Braskem has mapped the basins with a high water risk for its operations in its Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The company decided that suppliers operating in these same river basins would be voluntarily invited to respond to the CDP Water Supply.

Development of the Sustainable Procurement Program

Concerned with the dissemination of good practices in its value chain focused on efficient use of water, BRK is developing a program of “Sustainable Purchases”. The main objective of the program will be, based on critical purchasing categories, to evaluate and develop suppliers based on different criteria.