Restoration of riparian forest around Lake Furnas

Eletrobras Furnas maintains a partnership with the municipalities surrounding the Usina de Furnas dam (MG). The objective is to develop a riparian forest recovery program for greater water security. There are around 400 springs in the Lake's Area of Direct Influence.

In partnership with the municipalities that surround the Usina de Furnas dam (MG), Eletrobras Furnas develops a program to recover the riparian forest around 400 springs in the Lake's Area of Direct Influence.

The Nascentes de Furnas project started in December 2017 and will reforest 50.4 hectares by the end of this year, an area corresponding to about 70 soccer fields, in 40 municipalities. The seedlings to be planted are of natural species in the region, cultivated in the Horto Florestal of Usina de Furnas.

Planting is the responsibility of the company, while maintenance will be the responsibility of each rural owner. Due to the partnership with the Association of Municipalities of Lago de Furnas (Alago), it will be up to the city halls to identify the springs in a georeferenced way and register the rural producers interested in participating in the program.

In this way, the company intends to increase the water supply to the hydroelectric reservoir and increase the flow available for capture at the springs, reducing the risk of water shortages in the municipalities.

Joining forces with public authorities and civil society, Eletrobras Furnas seeks to ensure sustainability in the locations where it operates and raise awareness of the benefits of environmental conservation.

Implementation of the Nascentes de Furnas Project and Technical Follow-up.

System Biodiversity Indicators System Corporate Sustainability Indicators – Environmental Module, GRI – DMA Biodiversity, ISE Bovespa and TESE.





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