Workshop on water risk using a tool

Through the Water Risk Monetizer tool, Ecolab provides actionable information for understanding water-related risks, as well as quantifying these risks in financial terms, supporting responsible decisions that promote business growth.

In order to train different sectors in the use of the tool and promote the exchange of technologies between signatory companies, Ecolab participated in the workshop held by Braskem for representatives of its value chain.

Ecolab participated in the workshop on Valuation of Water Resources, Adaptation and Alternative Water Sources in the industry, held by Braskem, with the aim of raising awareness about the risks related to water scarcity and training companies in evaluating and prioritizing actions related to water.

During the event, cases, studies and best practices resulting from water crisis situations experienced by Braskem and Ecolab customers were presented.

After the presentation of the tool and the practical training, the representatives were able to understand how it is possible to monetize the impact of the decline in the quantity and quality of water, in order to better manage it.

Based on the provided predictive information, it will be possible to mitigate risks, transforming them into strategic actions that allow a better use of resources and business growth.

After carrying out the training for Braskem's value chain, Ecolab plans to train its value chain, as well as representatives of the signatory companies of the Letter of Commitment.

The workshops will be held during 2019.

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