Disclosure on social networks and in the sustainability report

Ecolab develops actions focused on water security in traditional media and social networks, in addition to publishing the Annual Sustainability Report.

Actions already taken:

  • Content published on Aquasfera: at least one publication per Pilar (posts made: Pilar 2, 3, 4 and 6). Own and individual action.
  • Posts made on the Intranet, corporate TV and LinkedIn. Own and individual action.
  • Publication of the Sustainability Report. Own and individual action.
  • Updating and uploading Pillars 1 and 5 content to Aquasfera.
  • Template and calendar development for new posts and disclosure in internal channels.
  • Publications in Aquasfera: at least one per Pilar.
  • Internal disclosure of water consumption rates and targets.
  • Publications on social networks and monitoring of #views, likes and shares.

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