Education focused on water security

Ecolab developed a project for the Wine to Water Foundation and projects on education aimed at the better use of water, through the PROAC project.

Actions already taken:

  • Project to assemble filters to capture clean water, in partnership with the Wine to Water Foundation.
  • Walls with Art Project: workshop with 40 teachers held in Franca on awareness of water consumption and subsequent student drawing competition related to the theme. PROAC Project.
  • Illustrated Stories: training workshop on “Food Safety” held with the participation of more than 70 teachers in Franca, Suzano, Campinas and São Paulo. It relates to the theme of water by addressing the topic of hand washing. PROAC Project.
  • Cities for Water Coalition Project in partnership with TNC (The Nature Conservancy).
  • World Handwashing Day project in partnership with Casas Ronald McDonald.
  • Carrying out at least one project with impact indicators on water security.
  • Number of participants in the project(s).

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