Water efficiency and holding periodic meetings

Water reuse, reduction of losses in operations, identification of leaks and periodic meetings between the processes and environment areas are Ecolab's main actions to include the water theme in its operations.

Actions already taken:

  • Project (finished) for water reuse of the Reverse Osmosis system, saving 7200 m³ of water/year. Own and individual action.
  • Loss reduction program implemented in the plants (Loss Elimination), with other projects related to the water theme that are in the execution phase. Own and individual action.
  • Search for water leaks in pipes in plants, increasing by more than 100% the number of leaks reported and addressing actions to eliminate them. Own and individual action.
  • Weekly meetings between the Processes and Environment areas to monitor actions related to water consumption. Own and individual action.
  • Installation of mass meters for remote control of water consumption at the Suzano plant. Completion forecast for 2020.
  • Identification and start of the planning phase of new projects aimed at reducing water consumption for 2020: implementation of the formulation hose project, use of a cleaning matrix in formulation tanks, and use of a sprayer to clean cosmetics tanks.
  • Every year, the Loss Elimination program identifies projects related to reducing water consumption to be implemented.

Pillar 1 goals are linked to the goals of each project to reduce water consumption (savings and m³ saved per year).

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