Water usage monitoring and data management

Ecolab monitors the rate of water use per ton produced at the company's plants. Data are periodically reviewed at a leadership meeting and processed in the Water Risk Monetizer. During quarterly meetings, opportunities for improvement related to water consumption at the company's plants are identified.

Actions already taken:

  • Monitoring the rating of m³ of water used per ton produced in Ecolab plants (Water Intensity). The number is reviewed daily in an operational meeting and monthly in a senior leadership strategic meeting. Own and individual action.
  • Insertion of data from the two plants in the WRM (Water Risk Monetizer) tool to evaluate the scenarios encountered. Own and individual action.
  • Quarterly meeting between operators and the Environment area to capture improvement opportunities related to the plants' water consumption. Own and individual action.
  • Updating data in the WRM tool to assess the new scenario provided by the implementation of projects to reduce water consumption, with evidence of improvements.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Implementation of actions generated based on the Smart Water Navigator, more related to water governance.
  • Water Intensity.
  • Implementation of actions generated by the Water Risk Monetizer.
  • Implementation of actions generated by Smart Water Navigator.

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