CEBDS and GBI hold workshop on climate change and human rights

On Thursday, May 25, CEBDS, in partnership with The Global Business Initiative on Human Rights (GBI), held the Workshop on Climate Change and Human Rights. The event was organized by CT Impacto Social across the CEBDS, with input from CT Clima and GT Amazônia.

Among the participants were Marina Freitas Grossi, president of CEBDS, Ron Popper, CEO of GBI, economist Sergio Besserman, Igor Raupp, researcher at CEPEL; Priscila Matta, senior sustainability manager at Natura, Ju Kerexu, Mbya Guarani leader and tenondé coordinator of the Guarani Yvyrupa Commission (CGY) and Yann Wyss and Rafael Martines da Costa, from Nestlé.

The event aimed to broaden the discussion on the subject and enable the sharing of business initiatives in climate adaptation and energy transition, placing people at the center of the debate.

Dialogue between the business sector and other stakeholders is essential for the fight against climate change to be linked to the promotion of human rights. And the country must consider the strategic use of our environmental assets to promote prosperity and address the great social liability.

At CEBDS, we work with our companies on issues that have a direct impact on business and society, and at the National Congress, we have contributed to the discussion of a legal framework for companies and human rights that takes into account the most vulnerable.

In this way, we fulfill our role of fostering debate, raising awareness and training companies in transforming towards sustainable business.
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