CEBDS launches unprecedented program to support implementation of climate actions in companies

Initiative focuses on assisting the production sector in the decarbonization process

A central theme in discussions on combating global warming, the transition to a low-carbon economy gains a new initiative that brings together companies representing approximately 50% of the country's GDP: the Net Zero Platform, a program of the CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Development Sustainable) in partnership with the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development, acronym translated into Portuguese). The objective of the program is to transform corporate climate neutrality goals into reality, through practical support for the implementation of decarbonization processes. The launch took place at an in-person event during COP 27, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on November 12th. 

Recognizing that the decarbonization challenge will not be achieved by individual companies' efforts, organizations associated with CEBDS came together on the Net Zero Platform to support each other on this journey. The program will help accelerate climate action in all spheres that influence companies' ability to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: within companies themselves, in value chains, in national public policies and standards netzero international.

As one of the program's first activities, CEBDS presented the perspective of Brazilian companies to the United Nations Secretary's “High Level Expert Group on Net Zero Commitments”, which has just launched at COP 27 guidelines for companies to achieve cost reduction objectives. greenhouse gas emissions studies that are more ambitious and that exclude attempts to greenwashing.

One of the program's next actions will be to bring to Brazil, in partnership with WBCSD, a decarbonization guide tool called Climate Drive, which brings together all the necessary guidance, step by step, for companies to implement the best solutions available globally to reduce their own emissions.

The challenge for companies to achieve the goal of zero emissions by 2050 is enormous. An example is provided by a survey by the WBCSD, showing that, on this journey, between 10 and 100 thousand suppliers from each multinational company will have to be mobilized to fulfill the commitment. Already the Oxford Net Zero & New Climate Institute indicates that only 35% of companies with net zero goals reach minimum “starting line” criteria, which indicate the credibility of these goals, used by the Campaign Race to Zero.

In this context, the Platform becomes an important piece in the private sector's strategy to combat global warming.

“This is the COP of implementation and climate justice. We need to act to keep the goal of containing global warming to 1.5ºC alive, and companies have a fundamental role. With the Net Zero Platform, CEBDS sends a clear message that this is the time to go beyond commitments and take action, and there is no more expressive occasion for us to present this new program”, comments Marina Grossi, president of CEBDS.

The development of this work involved the engagement of partner organizations and those associated with the Council throughout 2022. The start of the next program activities is scheduled for January 2023.

The launch event was broadcast live online, which can be seen here:


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