How sustainable actions impact People Management

A survey by bain & company, carried out in countries such as: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India and Brazil, identified that 15% of professionals in these countries accepted a salary reduction to work in sustainable companies. The study indicates how important the company's values are for human capital management.

People management, from a sustainability perspective, takes on other contours: internal communication becomes a focus of the strategy, the relationship with employees becomes a priority and the employee becomes an active figure in building the brand before the public.

Understand how sustainable actions impact people management and how to implement good practices for a safe transition with a focus on sustainable development.


Investing in employee training is essential. Invest in training that aligns your team with the objectives and goals set by the company, increasing the chances of success. With sustainable development, it is no different. Thus, retaining talent and training its employees is crucial for the company to achieve some basic measures at this stage:

  • – Include training on sustainable practices;
  • – Stimulate initiatives to discuss sustainability, not only at work, but in the community and at home;
  • – Create an agenda with commemorative dates of awareness that the company values;
  • – Use the SIPATS (Internal Week for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents) to promote actions and sustainable awareness among employees.

Engaged Leaders

The organization's leaders need to be engaged in sustainability so that the entire acculturation process does not seem like just a “pretty speech”. Collaborators follow examples and, if the company's management does not value the cause, why should they? Therefore, it is important:

  • Sensitize leaders from different areas;
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between sectors;
  • Propose regular alignment meetings between employees and management.

Assembling and managing a team of professionals

A good professional does not always suit certain company profiles, so it is essential to assess whether the candidate shares the same values as the company, sharing its goals. For that, you must:

  • – Make efficient selection processes;
  • - To supply feedbacks and present suggestions for improvement when pointing out an error;
  • – Give dissatisfied professionals a chance, changing their area of expertise;
  • – Promote diversity through debates, lectures by experts and meetings with stakeholders and decision makers who are in favor of sustainable initiatives;
  • - Develop career plans within the company;
  • - Do benchmarking: study successful experiences of other organizations in the market;
  • – Encourage good environmental practices;
  • – Disclose the company's plans and goals in a transparent manner;
  • – Create a communication channel between employees and leadership;
  • – Investing in the quality of life of employees: happy and healthy professionals yield much more.

Target management and control

Changing is always a challenge, but when you believe in the purpose of change and the benefits it can bring, everyone is more willing to change. In this scenario, developing goals and control tools is the best way to monitor the situation and show results for the company. Below is a list of different ways to implement goal and control management focused on sustainable practices:

  • – Define sustainability indicators;
  • – Analyze pros and cons of established goals;
  • – Consider the available and necessary resources to reach the goals;
  • – Consider possible risks and setbacks in planning;
  • – Communicate the goals and control tools clearly to employees;
  • – Review plans to correct errors;
  • – Establish financial performance metrics;
  • – Ask the IT area about the possibility of developing performance monitoring systems with a focus on sustainability;
  • – Promote reward for results.

Finally, as you can see, sustainable actions directly impact People Management, from the selection process, training and evaluation of results. It's not a simple change, but one that, well executed, ensures a safe and beneficial transition for your business.

check out our Sustainability and People Management Guide and learn more.

Guia sobre Sustentabilidade e Gestão de Pessoas - CEBDS


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