How we contribute to a more sustainable world

CPFL Renováveis' task is to continue contributing to the implementation of the commitments made by Brazil in Paris, directing its business exclusively to the generation of electrical energy through alternative sources (wind, solar and biomass).

We know that the highly renewable matrix guarantees the country a comfortable position compared to developed nations when greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector are at stake.

Renewable energy is an inexhaustible source of energy that is already widespread throughout the world, in addition to emitting very little carbon throughout its life cycle.

Overcoming market resistance, encouraging the entry of new technologies, with reduced prices, establishing progressive policies of effectiveness and support for the sector, are challenges to be overcome, but which CPFL Renováveis believes and is proud to be able to contribute directly to the development of the future Brazilian and global sustainable energy.

CPFL Renováveis, in addition to generating energy through clean energy sources (solar, biomass and wind), develops CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects, with the sale of carbon credits and renewable energy stamps, contributing to the green economy /low carbon, through the environmental compensation of activities that generate large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to monitoring their emissions by carrying out a greenhouse gas inventory reported annually, through CPFL Energia.


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