Marina Grossi media mesa sobre mercado de carbono na Rio Oil and Gas

A presidente do CEBDS, Marina Grossi, participa hoje, dia 2 de dezembro, das 15h20m às 16h20m, da Rio Oil and Gas, nesta edição de 2020 toda on-line. A mesa da Marina participará como mediadora chama-se “Viabilizando a transição: tecnologia, investimento e o mercado de carbono” e vai abordar os seguintes temas: impactos das tecnologias disruptivas sobre a transição energética; adequação do ecossistema de inovação brasileiro frente aos desafios tecnológicos da transição; papel do mercado de capitais para a promoção da transição energética; novos mecanismos de financiamento no contexto da transição (climate bonds; green bonds); desafios para implementação do mercado de carbono no Brasil e no mundo; e comércio internacional e o mercado de carbono.

Os palestrantes serão Bjørn Otto Sverdrup, Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability  da Equinor; Arja Talakar, Senior Vice President, Industrial Applications Products Business Unit da Siemens; e Heiko Meyer, Senior Vice President Strategy, Sustainability and M&A da Wintershall Dea.

O CEBDS acredita que o país está preparado para adotar a precificação de carbono com integridade climática, proteção a competitividade e governança transparente e participativa e por isso vem liderando o processo de criação de um marco regulatório do mercado de carbono no Brasil. Criou este ano o Carbon Market Hub , um espaço dedicado ao conteúdo, que traz novidades sobre o tema regularmente.

Trajetória do CEBDS

CEBDS is historically recognized for its articulation and advocacy work on climate and carbon and has been working since 2016 with its companies showing the importance of pricing, both internally within companies and at the national level. These last years of studies, consultations and articulation have consolidated the paths of carbon pricing in Brazil. The business sector plays a fundamental role as an important actor in this change, as it can mobilize human and investment resources, drive technological innovation and finance the transition to a new low-carbon economy. The Board has gone ahead and implemented internal carbon pricing models to drive cleaner investments. There are currently more than 1,600 companies that already use or plan to use pricing by 2021 worldwide.

CEBDS Proposal

CEBDS defends the creation of a mandatory domestic carbon market in a proposal drawn up over several events and consultations with its members. In 2017, the organization presented a proposal for a carbon market at the Ministry of Economy, at the request of the Ministry itself. The proposal was contemplated by the PMR (Partnership for Market Readiness) project, a partnership between the Brazilian Government (Ministry of Economy) and the World Bank, and was presented together with the Ministry of Economy at the Technical Committee of the Low Carbon Industry (CTIBC). A Open Letter on Carbon Pricing, signed by leaders of 30 large companies and institutions, proposed by CEBDS, in partnership with Iniciativa Empresarial pelo Clima (IEC) and Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), an initiative of the World Bank. In this document, they affirm their commitment to establishing an internal carbon price and moving towards closer collaboration with the public sector, other companies and their value chain. The choice of emissions trading systems, the identification of sectors to be priced and the context of the first phase have been decided. Now there is a need to detail the regulatory framework for this market, in which the technical parameters of this trading system to be created for the industry will be defined, that is, “the last mile”.


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