PL that deals with the regulated carbon market is approved in the Senate

PL 412, which regulates the carbon market in the country, was unanimously approved in the Senate on Wednesday, October 4th. Reported by Senator Leila Barros, the proposal goes to a vote in the Chamber.

The project creates the Brazilian Emissions Trading System (SBCE) and regulates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from companies that emit more than 10 thousand tons per year, which must report them to the system, and those that emit above 25 thousand tons, which must reconcile emissions, that is, have a plan to reduce them.

The proposal underwent changes, the main change being the removal of primary agricultural activities from the regulation. According to sector representatives, one of the main difficulties is quantifying GHG emissions in agricultural activities.

Since 2016, CEBDS has collaborated with the construction of a regulatory framework for the topic in Brazil. We have been actively monitoring the progress of PL 412, participating in meetings with the group responsible for reporting and public hearings on the subject.

The approval of the PL is an important step forward for Brazil to remain competitive in global markets and achieve the commitments made in the Paris Agreement. It is essential to implement this system, establishing the fundamental operating principles, as has already been done in other regions of the world.


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