Rock in Rio Sustainable Attitude Award 2019 announces winners

Natura, associated with CEBDS, was the winner in the “Store” category

On the last day of Rock in Rio 2019 (10/07), the organization of the event announced the winners of the 2019 Rock in Rio Sustainable Attitude Award. Since 2008, the award has awarded more than 30 partners (sponsors and suppliers) for their sustainable practices. This year, Doritos Rainbow by Pepsico Brasil was the winner in the “stand” category, Natura was the winner in the “store” category, and Rentokil was the winner in the “supplier” category. 

“Rock in Rio is one of the few events in the world that holds ISO 20121 for sustainability. Our management plan is based on the pillars of sustainability: Social, Economic and Environmental. Valuing partners and suppliers and engaging them to make the event even more sustainable is one of our commitments”, says Roberta Medina, Vice President of Rock in Rio.

Natura is associated with the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development – CEBDS and every year it promotes the Sustainability Week, at Natura spaces, to raise awareness and invite employees to more sustainable practices. 

“This Rock in Rio Sustainability Award is very important for us who work with the agenda of causing a positive impact, that is, regeneration and not just recovery. We are very happy to be here in this partnership for a better world, for a more beautiful world with several actions in this regard. Our presence has 100% to do with this common purpose that we have with Rock in Rio and this award celebrates this intention with our store”, declared Maria Paula Fonseca – Global Director of Marca Natura.

photo credits: turismoemfoco


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