TozziniFreire Advogados presents Women of Energy

Group wants to promote the representation and protagonism of female leadership in the energy sector outside the institutional scope

Sao Paulo, September of 2020 – Strengthening female leaders and increasing the representation of women in the broad Brazilian energy sector – it is with this perspective that TozziniFreire Advogados launches Mulheres de Energia. The group led by Shin Jae Kim and Ligia Schlittler, respectively partner and lawyer at the firm, already has a strong list of nearly 30 representatives from the sector.

“Mulheres de Energia does not set out to be an institutional group, within TozziniFreire or any entity represented there. Our purpose goes further and we have ambitious goals in terms of social impact and creating a positive legacy for women in the industry. From friends, clients and partners, we gathered a diverse and multidisciplinary group, not only because of the participation of representatives from the various segments of electricity and oil and gas, but also from lawyers, engineers, economists and administrators, for example”, explains Ligia Schlittler.

Due to the COVID-19 scenario, the group's meetings will initially take place through online discussion forums and webinars, with themes always related to energy and female leadership. “The initial idea is to keep a small group, so that we can get to know each other better and create strong and genuine connections. Gradually, we will admit new members, always keeping in mind the diversity among the participants”, says Shin Jae Kim, noting that the group will also hold events and webinars open to the public, including the participation of guests.

In addition to not being linked to an institutional group, an additional differential that Mulheres de Energia brings, in relation to other existing groups, is the group's plan to put into practice a mentoring project for young professionals in the energy sector. “Most of us, when we started our careers in the energy sector 15, 20 or more years ago, found an environment that was almost entirely male and unwelcoming. We want to contribute to 'paving' this path and help train future female leaders in the sector”, explains Ligia Schlittler.

For female founders, there is no competition with other existing groups, but complementarity. “Ultimately, the purpose of all these groups is to strengthen female leadership and increase the representation of women in various economic sectors”, concludes Ligia Schlittler.


The development of safe and innovative legal solutions, with the commitment and determination to deliver results, is TozziniFreire Advogados' way of working. It is in the firm's DNA to contribute significantly to the business strategy of clients in increasingly complex environments, offering a comprehensive view and anticipating business issues that are reflected in the Law.

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