CEBDS announces the winners of the 4th Edition of the Female Leadership Award

Business Council for Sustainable Development recognizes women and companies that foster and inspire the formation of new leaders


The CEBDS Female Leadership Award aims to recognize women, companies and initiatives that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The award recognizes initiatives and people who collaborate to achieve the goals of SDG 5, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.

This year, the Award had two categories: the Associated Companies Category, which awarded two executives, within the participating companies, for their initiatives to advance the SDGs, and the Women on the Board Category, which, in turn, awarded two advanced associated companies in having a group of women occupying an internal Board of the company.

The winners of the first category were Carla Crippa, from Ambev Brasil and Vivian de Souza Gasperino, from Rumo Logística. Carla is Vice President of Corporate Relations and is responsible for the areas of Sustainability, External and Internal Communication, Press Relations, Institutional Relations and Crisis Management. She is the creator and co-creator of AMA, Ambev's mineral water, which reverts 100% of the profit obtained from sales to projects for access to drinking water in the Brazilian semiarid region and was the first social business of a large company in Brazil. Furthermore, Carla Crippa is one of the examples of women on Ambev's board of directors, leading discussions on gender representation in the Company for years.

Vivian, in turn, caused an increase in the hiring of women within the Technology Department, instigated the construction of a space for breastfeeding at the company's headquarters in Curitiba, mentored women who sought to reconcile career growth with motherhood and created the area of Rumo's innovation. It was a team of 2 people in 2016 and today there are more than 20 people working on innovation on several fronts: Internal Research & Development, Open Innovation, Intrapreneurship, in addition to an area focused on data and other actions to foster a culture of innovation in the company.

The companies awarded in this edition in the Women on the Board category were Santander Brasil and Tozzinifreire Advogados.

Within the Santander company, the Board of Directors has three women out of nine members, therefore a share of 33.3%. In 2020, women's participation in governance positions started at 29% and now stands at 34%. The gradual growth in the presence of female leaders in the main governance bodies is the expected and desired result of the criteria for choosing the professionals who occupy these functions.

Tozzinifreire's Executive Board, which has always had at least two women among the participating partners since 2019, is made up mostly of female partners. In the last elections, held at the end of 2020, there was a change of members in the composition of the committee, which remained with a female majority.

This Award is an opportunity to recognize the many women leaders who contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through their initiatives and projects, to identify companies that dedicate efforts to promoting gender equality, in addition to promoting social projects that currently work for this purpose.

The Award Ceremony was held on September 30th, during the 2021 Sustainable Congress, this year, 100% online.


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