Positioning of the Brazilian business sector on the humanitarian crisis in the Yanomami territory

O Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), an entity representing more than 100 companies – whose combined revenue is equivalent to almost 50% of the Brazilian GDP -, repudiates the serious humanitarian crisis that the Yanomami indigenous people are experiencing.

The illegal and criminal activities that take place within the reserve have had a direct impact on the way of life of the indigenous people, who register cases of malaria and severe malnutrition in adults and, mainly, children.

The Yanomami have lived for hundreds of years in this territory, which has become the largest indigenous land in terms of territory in Brazil. But, 30 years after demarcation, the area is experiencing the worst scenario of socio-environmental devastation, with deaths and the advance of illegal activities in a reserve that should be protected. It is worth remembering that indigenous territories are indicated by studies as the areas with the greatest preservation in the Amazon, protecting a large forest area from the advance of deforestation.

Since 2021, when we launched the Positioning of the Business Sector on the Amazon, we reinforce the importance of public power in enforcing the law and combating illegality of any kind in the Amazon region, with national and state plans that reinforce command and control actions and the strengthening of inspection bodies, with rapid accountability against those who commit crimes.

The picture that Brazilian society has been presented with in recent days indicates serious violations of the human rights of these peoples, which requires quick action to save lives and avoid greater damage.

Furthermore, overcoming the humanitarian crisis that affects the indigenous people is, in addition to being urgent, necessary for the preservation of the culture of the original peoples, the forest and also the image of Brazil in the world. A country that intends to be a global player cannot condone what is happening in Yanomami land, as a result of the actions of criminals and the absence of action by the Brazilian State.

The Brazilian productive sector reaffirms its commitment to a productive model that respects life, people and the environment and emphasizes the importance of promoting sustainable development so that Brazil can exercise its leadership role in the new global economy.

Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS)


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