Business sector delivers letter to Minister Fernando Haddad with priorities for the Green Package


The CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) promoted this Friday (June 16) a meeting between CEOs of large companies and the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad. The objective was to discuss priority points related to the Ecological Transition Plan, the federal government's "Green Package", seen by the productive sector as a tool with the potential to direct the important and necessary investments in infrastructure in the country towards the transition to a sustainable economy. green.

The CEOs present represent companies from sectors such as law, energy, forestry, water and tires.

At the meeting, the minister received a Letter in which the productive sector highlights priority points for the Green Package, such as bioeconomy, energy, the Amazon, economic incentives, the carbon market and basic sanitation. The document underscores the urgency of investing in these areas, highlighting the window of opportunity provided by the G20 meeting, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2024, and the UN Climate Conference, COP30, in Belém, in 2025. Brazil to reinforce its global protagonism. Therefore, it is essential to act now to have results to deliver, capture these opportunities and exercise your leadership”.

At the meeting, the business sector also highlighted its commitment to collaborating with the government in advancing agendas linked to sustainable development.


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