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Energy and Climate Change

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Many companies in Brazil and around the world have already begun to manage the impact of their activities regarding climate: acquiring, divulging or establishing GEE emission reduction goals or exploring market-oriented strategies.

Despite the uncertainties regarding the future of market regulations and pressures, the present context is already sufficient for the companies to obtain current benefits by managing their impact on the climate. The results may be divided into two categories: tangible returns from cost reductions or revenue increases, or intangible returns related to image improvement, risk reduction and better preparation to meet future emission restrictions.

The companies need to adapt to new challenges whether from an ethical or pragmatic standpoint. The function of the Thematic Chamber of Energy and Climate Change is to facilitate this process, assisting the companies to take advantage of new market opportunities and minimize their risks.





  • Offer a secure platform for the CEBDS companies to gather to exchange knowledge, experiences and better practices; to facilitate partnerships and undertake initiatives geared towards the practice of climate responsibility.
  • Provide information, guidance, products and tools that aid the CEBDS companies in implementing, measuring and divulging efforts pertaining to dealing with climate issues.
  • Portray in a proactive manner the vision of the CEBDS companies in matters regarding climate change, in debates and in policy formulation with governments and other stakeholders.
  • Disseminate better practices, divulging the contributions of the CEBDS companies towards mitigating the global warming phenomenon in a simple and understandable manner.
  • Act as a catalyst for the transformations required to deal with the climate issue, stimulating Brazilian companies to contribute to the reversal of the global warming phenomenon.

Governance (06/2017 – 06/2019)
Co-chair: Fábio Cirilo (Votorantim Cimentos) and Keyvan Macedo (Natura)

Laura Albuquerque (CEBDS)


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