Management tool for risk assessment

Technology is one of Ecolab's key assets in mitigating water risks to the business. Based on this principle, it entered into a partnership with Truecost and Microsoft. The objective of the initiative was to hire a tool for internal risk assessment and value chain management.

For Ecolab, the mitigation of water risks for the business is a strategic measure aimed at the growth of companies together with the monitoring and mitigation of the impacts of their processes.

Ecolab will work towards the fulfillment of this goal, aiming to insert the issue of water with greater visibility within the company's internal planning, related to internal management and that of its value chain.

For this, the Water Risk Monetizer tool (, by Ecolab in partnership with Truecost and Microsoft, will be used. This is a more strategic way within the company's internal risk assessment management and the value chain (project started and next steps in planning).

To achieve this goal, Ecolab intends to provide more internal and external training on the Water Risk Monetizer tool, its functionalities and applications in which it can help in decision making.

Ecolab is training designated focal points to improve their use of the Water Risk Monetizer tool. In the future, these focal points will act as multipliers or presenters of this tool.

The next step will be to deepen the use of this technology strategically in decision-making regarding water risks for our operations and business.

Review results annually. In the process of creating the model for monitoring and evaluating the progress of projects.

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