Risk management - Water deficit

Norflor has a risk management committee. This committee aims to identify and manage the potential risks inherent to the project. For each risk raised, a manager is defined who is responsible for presenting a risk mitigation or exclusion plan, in addition to systematically monitoring it. The Water Deficit was identified as one of the potential risks, both for the maintenance of the project and for the good development of the plants.

The committee is defined with representatives of members from each of Norflor's sectors. Participants discuss and point out situations that they understand to be risks to the Norflor business. A vote is held to define which risks must be addressed immediately. For the Water Deficit risk, solutions were presented to reduce the impact on watercourses, one of which was the construction of reservoirs to store rainwater, expansion of containment boxes/dams, recovery of degraded areas and remediation actions. spring recovery. The result of the above actions was the volume of water stored; increase in flow in licensed watercourses through infiltration promoted by tanks and dams. The results inherent to the recovery of the areas will take longer to be noticeable, as it is a slow and gradual process. For this work, we had the support of internal collaborators, Universities and neighboring communities.

Norflor is carrying out studies with the objective of verifying the possibility of building new reservoirs. The studies are based on the volume of water collected currently and forecast for the coming years.

'- Monitoring the risk schedule;
– Quantitative monitoring of water in springs;
– Number of complaints/complaints/compliments from the community regarding the topic of Water.

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