Bioeconomy, a path to a green recovery

The circular bioeconomy can not only be a profitable business, it also represents an important step towards the green recovery of companies in the post-pandemic world. A new report from World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), entitled “The business opportunity contributing to a sustainable world”, developed in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and more than 20 member companies, shows how bio-based products can complement or even replace conventional ones worth US $ 7 .7 trillion by 2030, mainly in the food and feed (excluding end-use food and feed) and energy sectors. In a circular bioeconomy, biological resources are renewable, sustainably managed, recovered and reused as much as possible.

Current economic systems are based on linear value chains that depend on the continuous and increasing extraction of raw materials. Only 8.6% of the total extracted material is recycled in the economy. It is urgent to rethink the current economic model to avoid the worst effects of climate change, loss of biodiversity and ecosystems and scarcity of resources.


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