Nature-based Solutions for Business

The objective of the publication “Solutions based on Nature for Business” is to open space for debate on the topic for different business audiences. We present ways to increase the number of projects that use nature as a provider of complementary solutions to conventional strategies for urgent issues, such as climate change, water scarcity and the loss of biodiversity on the planet. The publication has teaching material on the topic, different references and existing practices, as well as guidelines for implementing projects aimed at NBS.

“It has become clear that we need to unlock investments in SbN if we want to have the ambition of achieving climate neutrality and being able to reverse the loss of biodiversity. Furthermore, it is being launched at a time when we see a clear relationship between the compromised supply of environmental services related to the forest's capacity to supply and regulate precipitation and water regulation in different regions of the country, with effects on agricultural productivity and supply of electrical energy. The different SbN approaches present investment opportunities that generate positive financial results for different actors in the territory in addition to generating positive externalities for the population”, summarizes the publication's coordinator, Henrique Luz Santos, technical advisor at CEBDS.

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