CEBDS brings together businesspeople and NGOs in New York to discuss the transition to the green economy

Events with leaders from the Brazilian productive sector will address the challenges and opportunities for Brazil to play a global leadership role

The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) will promote or participate in seven official events at the 15th Climate Week NYC – one of the most relevant global meetings on climate change –, starting on the 17th, in New York, United States. At the meetings, senior leaders from companies, the third sector and the government will point out paths and expand the debate on topics such as the federal government's Ecological Transition Plan (or Green Package), nature-based solutions and the role of business towards sustainable development. 

The objective is to highlight the importance of Brazil on the world stage, in line with the motto of this edition: “We can, we will”, and show ways for the country to advance in the construction of business and policies sustainable. 

The first event, “Business for Nature”, on the 19th, at 9 am (Brasília time), will be hybrid and will be broadcast live, in English. The meeting will be organized by CEBDS, re. green and Coalition Brazil Climate, Forests and Agriculture. Topics such as the impacts on biodiversity and communities generated by nature-based solutions will be addressed, as well as the value of ecological restoration in addition to impacts on the climate. The panel will be opened by Instituto Arapyaú and CEBDS and will feature representatives from Microsoft, Natura, re. green and Terrasos and mediation by Vijay Vaitheeswaran, editor of “The Economist” magazine. The event will also have the participation of the governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, to talk about business in the Amazon and COP30, the UN Climate Conference that will be held in Belém in 2025. 

On the 20th, at 10am (Brasília time), CEBDS presents “Nature-Based Solutions: paths for business advancement in Brazil”, with live broadcast and simultaneous translation. The objective is to debate the challenges and opportunities of implementing green businesses with a focus on nature in Brazil. The meeting will analyze the Brazilian regulatory situation and success stories in implementing these solutions. The panel will have representatives from Bayer, Grupo Boticário, Subsecretariat for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change of Rio de Janeiro, TNC Brasil and Vale.

On the 22nd, at 11am (Brasília time), the event “Unlocking opportunities: contributions from the private sector to Brazil's green transition package” will be held, which will address the Brazilian federal government's Ecological Transition Plan from the perspective of business. , as well as suggestions from the companies. The event will be broadcast live.

In addition to these, CEBDS will also be present on other occasions throughout Climate Week. Check the dates, summaries and links below:

September 19th, at 9am (Brasília time)

The Business Case for Nature: an achievement of CEBDS, re. green and Coalition Brazil. Hybrid event with live broadcast, in English. 

Opening: Renata Piazzon, General Director of Instituto Arapyaú, and Marina Grossi, president of CEBDS

Lecture: Helder Barbalho, governor of Pará, moderated by Thiago Picolo, CEO of re. green

Panel with participation of:
Marcelo Behar – VP, Natura
Catherine Marini – Carbon Removal, Microsoft
Mariana Sarmiento – CEO, Terrasos
Bernardo Strassburg – Founder and Chief Scientist, re. green
Vijay Vaitheeswaran – editor of The Economist magazine (moderator)

Know more: Link.

September 20th, at 10am (Brasília time)

Nature-Based Solutions: ways to advance business in Brazil. Event held by CEBDS, with live broadcast and simultaneous translation. 


Juliana Lopes – Director of Nature and Society CEBDS

Alessandra Fajardo – Bayer

Samuel Barreto – TNC Brasil

Marie Ikemoto – Undersecretariat for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change – SEAS/RJ

André Ferreti – Boticário Group

Patricia Daros – Vale

Know more: Link

September 22nd, at 11am (Brasília time)

Unlocking opportunities: private sector contributions to Brazil’s green transition package. Event held by CEBDS, with live broadcast and simultaneous translation. 

Know more: Link

See also the events with the participation of the president of CEBDS, Marina Grossi, and the Director of Climate, Energy and Sustainable Finance, Viviane Romeiro:

September 20, 4:30 pm (Brasília time)

Why buy? The business case for using nature-based carbon credits: event held by WBCSD, exclusively in person, with the participation of Viviane Romeiro. 

September 21st, 9am (Brasília time)

Workshop: Carbon performance and accountability solutions, promoted by WBCSD, with the presence of Viviane Romeiro. Exclusive event for guests.

September 22, 9:30 am (Brasília time)

Climate Action Data 2.0: Accountability Showcase: event with the participation of Viviane Romeiro. Live broadcast. 

Know more: Link

September 25th, 6pm (Brasília time)

Presence of Viviane Romeiro, on the panel “Making an impact with blended finance” as part of the “Natural Capital Investment” conference. In-person event.


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