In a letter delivered to Alckmin, the business sector calls for urgency in creating a national carbon market

Document signed by giants of the Brazilian economy was delivered at a meeting promoted by CEBDS with the vice president

Vice President Geraldo Alckmin received last Saturday (May 27) a document signed by 38 large companies calling for the creation of a regulated Brazilian carbon market. The letter was hand delivered by CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) in a private meeting attended by CEOs of associated companies, in São Paulo. The document continues to receive new adhesions and, by May 29, it had already obtained 45 signatures.

The text highlights that this regulated market plays an essential role in the transition to a green economy, leading to increased productivity and the generation of jobs and income for Brazilians. It can also avoid international sanctions related to climate issues.

“It is an opportunity for Brazil to reinforce its role as a global player. Therefore, it is essential to act now to have results to deliver. It is necessary to act quickly so that the country can actually capture these opportunities and play a global role in the carbon market, either by fulfilling its commitments to reduce emissions, or as a generator of credits to offset emissions in the domestic and foreign markets”, scores the document.

For CEBDS, in addition to being a tool that acts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming, the regulated carbon market will be an important incentive for directing investments towards cleaner technologies.

Several regions of the world have a carbon market to encourage green business, such as the European Union, China and California. In Brazil, there are bills under discussion in the House and Senate, in addition to work being developed by the federal government itself. CEBDS has contributed to this construction both in the Executive and in the Legislative branches.

The CEBDS charter is signed by companies from different sectors: energy, banking, mining, cosmetics, oil & gas, food, consumer goods, retail, pulp & paper, agriculture, logistics, steel and technology.

Other priority guidelines for the country's sustainable development were also addressed at the meeting, such as the energy transition and the path that must be followed by the country until COP30 - which, as announced last Friday, will be held in Belém, Pará , in 2025.

The full letter delivered to Geraldo Alckmin can be accessed at this Link.


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