Note from the Brazilian business sector on the carbon market

The Brazilian business sector considers it important to resume the discussion on the creation of a carbon market in Brazil. The country needs to urgently approve a regulated national carbon market, which has environmental integrity and is in line with the best international experience.

It is essential, however, that this process has the necessary debate with different sectors of society, as has been done since last year in the Chamber of Deputies. The urgency to move forward with the theme cannot lead to trampling or the loss of consensus already built in relation to the project.

Therefore, the CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), which has 85 of the largest companies operating in the country as members, makes itself available to collaborate with the maturation of the new proposal. 

Since 2016 CEBDS has been working on behalf of the business sector to build a national carbon market. It is an essential initiative for Brazil to take advantage of the new opportunities that this tool can bring to the economy, generating jobs and income and encouraging the adoption of sustainable solutions, reducing the emission of gases that cause global warming and conserving national biodiversity.



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