Business sector delivers letter to the Minister of the Environment reinforcing the importance of implementing goals for biodiversity

The document was delivered by the executive director of CEBDS during an event at Ibama headquarters in Brasília

The executive director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), Ricardo Mastroti, participated today (Monday, 22nd) in an event organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, at the headquarters of Ibama, in Brasília, on the Day Biodiversity International. At the meeting, he delivered to the minister the “Letter from the Brazilian business sector on Biodiversity”, a document in which CEBDS defends the development of the strategy and the country's engagement in actions for the conservation and sustainable use of nature.

“Considering the importance of the new framework and the national targets as a unique opportunity to guide our society and economy towards a more equitable and positive future for nature, CEBDS reinforces its support to the federal government in the implementation of the national targets related to the new Framework Global Biodiversity Kunming-Montreal through strategic actions, such as the organization of sessions with its associates and partner institutions to collect and consolidate contributions”, highlights the document.

By participating in the event and delivering the letter, CEBDS reinforces the role of the Brazilian business sector in engaging the country's biodiversity agenda and building businesses that generate a positive impact on nature.
“More than half of the world's economic output, US$ 44 trillion, is moderately or highly dependent on nature. At the same time, the loss of biodiversity is considered by the World Economic Forum the third main global risk. It is important for the country that the goals stipulated in the Global Framework are implemented. This is fundamental for the future of business, society and the economy”, emphasizes Mastroti.

Last December, CEBDS participated in the UN Biodiversity Conference, COP15, in Canada, with a delegation of almost 40 people, from 15 companies, the largest representation of the private sector that Brazil sent to a biodiversity COP. At the meeting, CEBDS defended important points of the Global Framework for the productive sector, such as target 15, which deals with the disclosure of impacts and dependencies on biodiversity by companies and financial institutions, especially large and transnational ones.

In addition to this, other goals considered fundamental are 18 and 19, which address the redirection or elimination of harmful incentives to biodiversity, at least US$ 500 billion per year; and to increase financial resources to at least US$ 200 billion annually for actions to protect biodiversity.

“Implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework will depend on the definition of the indicators for each goal, which will be aligned until COP16, and on the countries' efforts to build national goals”, emphasizes the executive director.

Check out Ricardo Mastroti's participation in full by clicking here.

The complete letter can be accessed through this link: 

Letter from the Brazilian business sector on Biodiversity


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