Water efficiency and holding periodic meetings

Water reuse, reduction of losses in operations, identification of leaks and periodic meetings between the processes and environment areas are Ecolab's main actions to include the water theme in its operations.

Water usage monitoring and data management

Ecolab monitors the rate of water use per ton produced at the company's plants. Data are periodically reviewed at a leadership meeting and processed in the Water Risk Monetizer. During quarterly meetings, opportunities for improvement related to water consumption at the company's plants are identified.

Education focused on water security

Ecolab developed a project for the Wine to Water Foundation and projects on education aimed at the better use of water, through the PROAC project.

Workshops and seminar on water use

Ecolab promoted chain engagement by holding a workshop on the Water Risk Monetizer platform, in partnership with Braskem, a customer seminar on awareness about water use and a workshop on reuse in partnership with CEBDS.

Conducting workshops and publishing on water savings

As part of the actions developed, Ecolab carried out Workshops on the Water Risk Monetizer, aimed at calculating the valuation of water resources in the operations of companies. The company also produced a publication with case studies on water savings among customers.

Management tool for risk assessment

Technology is one of Ecolab's key assets in mitigating water risks to the business. Based on this principle, it entered into a partnership with Truecost and Microsoft. The objective of the initiative was to hire a tool for internal risk assessment and value chain management.

Workshop on water risk using a tool

Through the Water Risk Monetizer tool, Ecolab provides actionable information for understanding water-related risks, as well as quantifying these risks in financial terms, supporting responsible decisions that promote business growth. In order to train different sectors in the use of the tool and promote the exchange of technologies between […]